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Registrován: 24.12.2020
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New year has a new look Příspěvek č. 1 

New Year new atmosphere, change a new hair wig, change a good state of mind. Yolissa upcoming 613 wig flash sale for all the people to celebrate new 2021. Come on and see the below details.

1. Knowledge about 613 blonde lace wigs

613 blonde hair color always can give people sensuality and youth. Most fashion girls would like to dye their hair blonde, but as 613 blonde is a light color, too much coloring can be harmful to the real human hair. So more and more people start to choose to buy a 613 wig like body wave 613 blonde wig. Buying wigs also can help people show their boundless glamour in change looks.

613 wigs in Yolissa Hair are all made by 100% human virgin hair, as a good quality raw material is the key to ensure hair products’ quality. Guaranteeing the raw material supply quality is essential.

Besides, getting a fashion 613 blonde wig in winter also will reflect the individual personality.

2. 613 bob wigs styles

There are three lace sizes of the 613 bob wig in Yolissa Hair: 5x5 closure wig, 6x6 lace closure, 13x6 lace frontal. The biggest difference between lace closure and lace frontal is the lace width. The lace width of a lace frontal is wider than a lace closure which can cover a whole human forehead from ear to ear, so a lace frontal wig can reflect a more real and natural hairline. On the other hand, the installation of lace closure wigs also will be easier than lace frontal wigs. All customers can choose a suitable style.

The hair length also has two options: 10 inches and 12 inches.

3. How to take care of 613 wigs?

613 blonde hair wigs are eye-catching, shining, and also need special care to keep them in good condition. Here are some care tips for all the customers for references:

1) Don’t comb the 30 inch 613 wig when it is wet.

2) Comb the 613 wigs with a wide-tooth comb or fingers gently.

3) 613 hair is dyed from natural hair, so it is easy to dry. Please put some good hair conditioner on the hair when it is dry. Using essence also can enrich the hair subtly, healthy, and balances.

4) After washing, please choose to air dry. The high temperature of the hairdryer may hurt the hair.

Best wish to you!


Yolissahair is a big shop which can show
you all kinds of human hair wigs like
cheap lace wigs,u part wigs, lace front
wigs, 613 blonde. You can come to have
a look from

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