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Registrován: 24.12.2020
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Some Autumn Hair Care Tips Příspěvek č. 1 

How to care autumn hair, maybe I will have more words to say especially for lace wigs.

We may not know that summer had gone since the lasting high temperature only judging by skin feeling, but once long rainy period comes, it means the season will be autumn. As transforming of the season, every beauty always to order more and more skin-care product, since it will be cool. Here please don’t forget to protect your human wigs from low temperature damage.

1, Washing the hair with shampoo in reasonable frequency:

We have heard it hundreds times that the hair was washed once I wore, almost everyday, some customers is tired but have to do it, since the wrong thought: the lace front wigs should be cleaned everyday for a lasting using time. Actually, too much times washing will seriously damage hair virtue, shampoo will take off the hair natural nutrients when it clean hair dandruff and it may cause dry scalp, especially the autumn and winter. So, please control the hair washing times in cool and dry autumn season.

2, Using water-locker and high-oil hair conditioner:

Autumn season not only bring more fruit and food, but also the dryer air and restless wind, both will definitely change the hair condition, on the opposite way from summer, the water-locker and high-oil water wave hair conditioner should be add to your wish cart, the deep wave hair, curly hair, water wave hair should be careful, if you are careless, the curl may be tangled since static and dry. Just remember to use it when the hair deep care go to the last one step.

3, Decrease the hair heating times:

The tip don’t have much business with season, it should be obeyed all the time. As we all know, too much heat styling will bring curable damage, such as split ending and breakage. Actually, not only heating and restyle hair, but also frequently coloring body wave hair. So, the heat protection is necessary if you would like to style the hair into kinds of special.

4, Waring right “clothes” for your wig:

After the wig was got off at night, please put silk or satin hat on the wig, it will act as a warmer protection. The wool, cotton, and other coarse fabrics only cause more problems, like static. To avoid this kind issue, an silk scarf will be important when you ware those materials hats on the wig, lining the silk scarf in hat loop.

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